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Zulfiqar Ali
Director & Producer
Directors make many of the creative decisions that bring a dramatic production to life, they have a part in almost every aspect of producing a film, play or Tv Program. they must be creative artists as well as knowledge able technicians, active on stage and behind the scenes, they interpret scripts, communicate their visions to costume designers, audition and select cast members, ménage rehearsals and coach actors. In the recent years a lot of private productions have made their mark on the tube.a few of them have been trend setters and have provided viewers with something new while others refreshed their classical plays.


Zulfiqar Ali known as Usman Zulfiqar, the duo have been associated with the tube for the last 20 years. In that period they have worked over alot in Lollywood and tube. Muhammad Usman and Zulfiqar Ali both are very good friends and started working together. In 1982 Mr. Zulfiqar Ali joined Mr. Nazar ul Islam as assistant and worked with him in many films. In 1993 the assistant turned into a full fledged director when he started PTV drama series ZAROORAT by Munoo Bhai. ZAROORAT in a way was very important as it was the first private production drama series for PTV. Most of his plays have been termed as the revival of the classical plays that PTV had in the 80's. His first major play ASHIYANA brought a fresh look to the otherwise stale productions with new ideas and family oriented plays. His second play BULANDI was also a revival of classical plays. His third play SAWAN broke the record of popularity all over Pakistan.


Over past 20 years he has worked as producer / director and editor for many TV dramas, films and documentaries such as SASSI, DECEMBER and many others. Both of these plays, won "Best Play Of The Year" awards. He also has the unique honour of directing the longest soap play of Pakistan i.e., TERAY PEHLU MEIN on GEO TV with 1000 episodes. He has also directed many plays which have won viewers' hearts. One of the more famous was LOVE, LIFE AUR LAHORE on A-PLUS TV which depicted the rich culture of interior Lahore. A truly hard working, dedicated and friendly person, Zulfiqar's home is where the production is.
"My work gets me excited every day and I will not be the same what I was!"
Currently working with IJUNCTION PRODUCTIONS located in Hong Kong and Lahore, Pakistan. Visit WebSite



Email: ijunction